Drying Kinetics of Onion Slices in a Hot-air Dryer

  • Lee, Jun-Ho (Department of Food Science and Engineering, Daegu University) ;
  • Kim, Hui-Jeong (Department of Food Science and Engineering, Daegu University)
  • Published : 2008.09.30


Onion slices were dehydrated in a single layer at drying air temperatures ranging from $50{\sim}70^{\circ}C$ in a laboratory scale convective hot-air dryer at an air velocity of 0.66 m/s. The effect of drying air temperature on the drying kinetic characteristics were determined. It was found that onion slices would dry within $210{\sim}460\;min$ under these drying conditions. Moisture transfer during dehydration was described by applying the Fick's diffusion model and the effective diffusivity changed between $1.345{\times}10^{-8}$ and $2.658{\times}10^{-8}\;m^2/s$. A non-linear regression procedure was used to fit 9 thin layer drying models available in the literature to the experimental drying curves. The Logarithmic model provided a better fit to the experimental drying data as compared to other models. Temperature dependency of the effective diffusivity during the hot-air drying process obeyed the Arrhenius relationship with estimated activation energy being 31.36 kJ/mol. The effect of the drying air temperature on the drying model constants and coefficients were also determined.


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