Dielectric and Electric Properties of Mutilayer Ceramic Capacitor with SL Temperature Characteristics

SL 온도특성을 가지는 적층 칩 세라믹 캐패시터용 유전체의 유전 및 전기적 특성

  • 윤중락 (삼화콘덴서공업(주) 연구소) ;
  • 이상원 (삼화콘덴서공업(주) 연구소) ;
  • 김민기 (삼화콘덴서공업(주) 연구소) ;
  • 이경민 (삼화콘덴서공업(주) 연구소)
  • Published : 2008.07.01


To reduce noise in high frequency and distortion of signal, the composition of $(Ca_{0.7}Sr_{0.3})(Zr_{0.97}Ti_{0.03})O_3$ and $(Ba_{0.2}Ca_{0.4}Sr_{0.4})TiO_3$ was developed. The composition was not solid solution, but mixtures of various phases composed of Ca, Sr, Zr, Ti and Ba oxides. The dielectric constant increased, the quality factor and the insulation resistance decreased with $(Ba_{0.2}Ca_{0.4}Sr_{0.4})TiO_3$ content. The composition of $0.4(Ba_{0.2}Ca_{0.4}Sr_{0.4})TiO_3$ satisfied the electric characteristics and the temperature coefficient of dielectric constant (TCC). In addition, the glass frit and $MnO_2$ also affected the electric characteristics. From the result of the best fit simulation, $MnO_2$ 0.3 mol%, the glass frit 0.6 wt% showed the insulation resistance $906{\Omega}{\cdot}F$, the quality factor 821, and the dielectric constant 92. With the selected composition, MLCC capacitors sized $4.5{\times}3.2{\times}2.5mm$ were manufactured with 105 layered of the dielectric thickness $16{\mu}m$ using Ni inner electrode, They represented the capacitance $98{\sim}102$ nF, the quality factor 1,200 and the insulation resistance $1,500{\Omega}{\cdot}F$. Also, they had high break-down voltage with $107{\sim}115V/{\mu}m$, and satisfied the SL TCC characteristics.


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