Design of the Pattern Adjustable Base Station Antenna for WCDMA Applications

  • Lee, Sang-Ho ;
  • Lee, Jung-Nam ;
  • Lee, Don-Shin ;
  • Park, Jong-Kweon ;
  • Kim, Hak-Sun
  • Published : 2008.06.30


In this paper, we have proposed the pattern adjustable base station antenna for WCDMA applications. The proposed antenna consists of an omni-antenna(sleeve monopole) and two movable reflectors. The two reflectors can be controlled by mechanically and used to adjust the horizontal pattern of the base station antenna. The antenna was designed, fabricated, and measured. The antenna covers the entire WCDMA band for VSWR<1.4. The measured antenna gain is more than 15 dBi over the operating frequency range. By changing the angle (a) and the distance (d) of the antenna, the pattern adjustment of the proposed base station antenna is found to be possible.


WCDMA;Base Station Antenna;Pattern Adjustable Antenna;Reflector;Sector Antenna


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