A Study on the Integrated Civil Service Model of the Next e-Government

차세대 전자정부의 대민통합서비스 모델 연구

  • Published : 2008.06.30


The e-Government in Korea has made such good results as improvement of official work productivity and citizen service quality. However, e-Government in Korea involves many problems and subjects to must solve, especially, at the side of citizen services. Every public organization as supplier provides each service of themselves to the civilians. Citizens feel inconvenience yet, because they must visit and are supplied various civil services to one public affair from several public institutions. When we consider the paradigm shift of the e-Government service, the status and problems of the e-Government in Korea required more better service model to the citizen. To realize the citizen oriented service, the integration and linkage of the system infrastructure and applications among governmental organizations are required. In this changed situation, when new one/non-stop service model of the digital government is developed and launched, the e-Government can supply better service to the citizens. In this study, the model that we suggest is among the new service models of the e-Government, named the Integrated Civil Service Model. The e-Government involving the Integrated Civil Service Model can make more outcome, such as better civil life convenience, cost-effective results by processing time and cost reduction for public affairs of citizens.


e-Government;Intelligent System;Paradigm Shift;Integrated Civil Service