An Application of Time Discontinuous Finite Element Method for Heat Conduction Problems

열전도 방정식의 시간 불연속 유한요소법 적용

  • Kim, Chi-Kyung (Department of Safety Engineering, University of Incheon)
  • 김치경 (인천대학교 안전공학과)
  • Published : 2008.06.30


A finite element method which is discontinuous in time is developed for the solution of the classical parabolic model of heat conduction problems. The approximations are continuous with respect to the space variables for each fixed time, but they admit discontinuities with respect to the time variable at each time step. The method is superior to other well-known approaches to these problems in that it allows a wider range of moving boundary value problems to be dealt with, such as are encountered in complex engineering operations like ground freezing. The method is applied to one-dimensional and two-dimensional heat conduction problems in this paper, although it could be extended to more higher dimensional problems. Several example problems are discussed and illustrated, and comparisons are made with analytical approaches where these can also be used.


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