Growth of Potato Plug Seedlings as Affected by Photosynthetic Photon Flux in a Closed Transplants Production System

폐쇄형 묘생산 시스템에서 감자 플러그묘의 생장에 미치는 광합성유효광양자속의 영향

  • Published : 2008.04.25


This study was performed to analyze the distribution of air current speed, $CO_2$ concentration, and photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) in a closed transplants production system (CTPS) for producing quality transplants. And the effect of PPF on the growth of potato (Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Dejima) plug seedlings was analyzed. Uniformity of the air current speed in CTPS was improved by installing perforated floors in duct for air circulating and by adjusting of air flow rate of the fan connected to air conditioning unit used in this study, Measured $CO_2$ concentrations were measured $409{\pm}13$, $950{\pm}25$, and $1,550{\pm}35\;{\mu}mol{\cdot}mol^{-1}$ for setting values of 400, 950, and $1,550\;{\mu}mol{\cdot}mol^{-1}$, respectively. Uniformity of PPF by adding each one the single fluorescent lamp of 20 W at both ends of the single fluorescent lamps of 40 W was highly improved. While the average PPF measured under the twin fluorescent lamps of 55 W installed at regular intervals of 10 cm was decreased by increasing the vertical distance from the lighting sources, the ratio of average PPF measured at both ends to PPF measured in the center was 74-79%. Five levels ($100{\pm}9$, $150{\pm}14$, $200{\pm}17$, $250{\pm}24$ and $300{\pm}31{\mu}mol{\cdot}m^{-2}{\cdot}s^{-1}$) of PPF were provided to investigate the effect of PPF on plant height, fresh weight and dry weight of potato plug seedlings produced in CTPS. Plant height was decreased by increasing PPF. Maximum fresh weight and dry weight were shown under PPF of $250{\mu}mol{\cdot}m^{-2}{\cdot}s^{-1}$. Thus PPF of $250\;{\mu}mol{\cdot}m^{-2}{\cdot}s^{-1}$ was enough to produce quality potato transplants under air temperature, photoperiod, and relative humidity of $20^{\circ}C$, 16/8 h, and 70%, respectively. It was concluded that quality indices such as plant height, fresh weight and dry weight could be improved by illuminating of adequate PPF from artificial lighting sources.


Closed transplants production system;Potato transplants;Artificial lighting;Photosynthetic photon flux


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