A Study on the Cognition and Usage of Traditional Wedding Food in Seoul & Gyeonggi Area

혼례음식에 대한 인식도 조사 및 이용실태에 관한 연구 - 서울.경기지역 중심으로 -

  • Kim, Jun-Hee (The Graduate School, Division of Tourism Management, Kyonggi University) ;
  • Jin, Yang-Ho (Dept. of Tourism, Kyonggi University)
  • 김준희 (경기대학교 관광대학원 외식산업경영) ;
  • 진양호 (경기대학교 관광학부)
  • Published : 2008.06.30


This study is to investigate the cognition and usage of traditional wedding food in Seoul & Gyeonggi area. It provides the basic suggestions for developing the best wedding culture, upholding the great wedding tradition. People usually prepared traditional wedding food only because they had to do since they thought it was a formal way to do it at a wedding ceremony. However, there should be more important things to be considered. Firstly, to understand the real meaning of traditional wedding food, we need to inform its meaning by starting campaigns on wedding culture or making booklets of traditional wedding food. Secondly, to prepare the right selections of traditional food, we need to simplify traditional wedding food and consider the modern sense of the products. Thirdly, to improve traditional wedding food, we need to develop diverse menu. By doing it, we can efficiently reduce the cost of wedding food.