Multiple Target Tracking and Forward Velocity Control for Collision Avoidance of Autonomous Mobile Robot

실외 자율주행 로봇을 위한 다수의 동적 장애물 탐지 및 선속도 기반 장애물 회피기법 개발

  • Published : 2008.07.01


In this paper, we used a laser range finder (LRF) to detect both the static and dynamic obstacles for the safe navigation of a mobile robot. LRF sensor measurements containing the information of obstacle's geometry are first processed to extract the characteristic points of the obstacle in the sensor field of view. Then the dynamic states of the characteristic points are approximated using kinematic model, which are tracked by associating the measurements with Probability Data Association Filter. Finally, the collision avoidance algorithm is developed by using fuzzy decision making algorithm depending on the states of the obstacles tracked by the proposed obstacle tracking algorithm. The performance of the proposed algorithm is evaluated through experiments with the experimental mobile robot.


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