Airspeed Calibration of a Light Airplane via Flight Test

비행시험을 통한 경비행기의 속도계 보정

  • Published : 2008.07.01


This paper presents the flight test procedure and the results for the airspeed indicator calibration of a light airplane the name of ChangGong-91, which is the first type certified aircraft from Korean Ministry of Construction and Transportation, as a part of the flight test validation to get the certification. The flight tests for airspeed position error calibrations are conducted using tower fly by method in order to calibrate swivel head testboom which is attached to the right wing tip of the airplane. Also system to system method is applied in order to calibrate the airspeed indicator of the cockpit. The flight test is conducted at the basis of the 'Korean Airworthiness Standard' which is the regulation of Korean Ministry of Construction and Transportation. The airspeed error range for the testboom and the airspeed indicator are determined to $-0.75{\sim}+0.75$ knot and to $-4.0{\sim}+2.0$ knots, respectively. The calibration results are applied to ChangGong-91 Flight Operation Manual.


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