A study on the design of nozzle propeller for trawler

트롤어선용 노즐 프로펠러 추진기 설계에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2008.08.29


Trawlers have to a sufficient towing force due to it's characteristics of the high performance. The newly constructed trawler with the conventional propellers shows the sufficient towing force, so that the propeller and engine are optimized. In the 1970s, many trawlers were imported from overseas by Korean fisheries industries. But the engine output degradation with year by year caused the trawlers to decrease the towing speed of the vessels. On the previous studies, the nozzle propeller had not so good efficiency with increasing of resistance in high-speed cruising operation over 15knots. But the trawling operation is just required the higher thrust and towing force, so that the nozzle propeller is very profitable for the it's effectiveness. A new nozzle propeller was designed for the 4,462G/T trawler, Dong-San, operated by Dongwon Industries Co., Ltd. to improve the towing speed, and the model tests were performed. The model ship and model propeller are preciously manufactured and used model tests in basin. The resistance test and propeller open water test were performed for the cases of the half and full loads. The required engine horse power and RPM were evaluated analytically by the speed-power curve, when the trawler was equipped with the nozzle propeller. The results of tests showed that the towing speed 4.85knots on the design load waterline requires the 200 engine RPM and 2,567ps in the delivered horsepower.


Trawler;Ducted propeller(Kort nozzle propeller);Design


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