A Study on the Viewers' Reponses to In-Program Advertising According to TV Program Genre

프로그램 유형에 따른 중간광고에 대한 시청자 반응 연구

  • 이현선 (홍익대학교 광고홍보학부)
  • Published : 2008.08.16


Advertising is both applauded and criticized for its characteristics and roles on society. Advertising environment is changing and developing. The important changes in advertising are fragmentation of traditional media, growth of new media, and increasing clutter. The major issue in advertising and broadcasting system in Korea is reintroduction of in-program advertising on terrestrial television stations. The purpose of this study is investigate the responses of viewers to in-program advertising. This study considers program genre as mediating variable which may affect the viewers' responses to in-program advertising. Independent variables of this study are the insertion of in-program advertising (insertion/non-insertion) and program genres(news/educational/drama/entertainment program). Dependent variables of this study are viewers' responses, attitude towards broadcasting station and attitude towards advertiser. This study was run as a $2{\times}4$ factorial design with 30 subjects per cell, resulting in a total sample size of 240. This study randomly assigned each subject to 1 of the 8 treatment groups. The result of this study shows that in-program advertising induces negative responses of viewers, attitude towards broadcasting station and advertiser. And this study found that viewers showed the negative responses to in-program advertising regardless of program genre. The findings of this study illustrate the need of consideration and planning of in-program advertising to protect viewers' right.