An Efficient Broadcasting Channel Assignment Scheme for Mobile VOD Services

모바일 VOD 서비스를 위한 브로드캐스팅 채널할당 기법

  • 최영 (강원대학교 컴퓨터정보통신공학과)
  • Received : 2008.04.01
  • Accepted : 2008.05.09
  • Published : 2008.05.31


Recently with the rapid evolution of the mobile computing and communication technologies, mobile VOD service becomes increasingly important for wireless mobile users. The VOD service is being widely used in various areas of application, such as education, entertainment and business, because it provides users convenience in easily having access to video information at any time in any places. However, in reality, the mobile system has many difficulties in providing the smooth VOD service owing to frequent transfers and cutoffs of clients. The importance of a technique to transmit broadcasting is being stressed as a method for providing stabler mobile VOD service to a large number of clients. This paper is aimed at showing how to reduce demands for server bandwidth and delay of earlier service through performance analysis by suggesting an effective VOD broadcasting transmission technique through channel division in the mobile atmosphere. Many researches have been made about regular broadcasting techniques in particular. This study divides the methods used for assigning channels which have been decided by the size of segments into a group of regular channels and assistant channels using wireless gap-fillers to provide effective VOD services to a large number of clients at the mobile environment using small bandwidth resources. The regular channels transfer regular streams, while assistant channels repeatedly transfer the first segment to reduce early service delay time to receive regular streams. In this way, the study suggests a technique to reduce server bandwidth demand and early service delay time. Through the proposed technique, the server bandwidth demand could be reduced by more than 30 percent and the study continuously shows reduced early service delay time through conducting performance analysis.