Study on the Volume of a Sphere in the Historical Perspective and its Didactical Implications

구의 부피에 대한 수학사적 고찰 및 교수학적 함의

  • Chang, Hye-Won (Dept. of Math. Education, Chinju National University of Education)
  • 장혜원 (진주교육대학교 수학교육과)
  • Published : 2008.05.31


This study aims to investigate the evolution of calculating the volume of a sphere in eastern and western mathematical history. In western case, Archimedes', Cavalieri's and Kepler's approaches, and in eastern case, Nine Chapters';, Liu Hui's and Zus' approaches are worthy of noting. The common idea of most of these approaches is the infinitesimal concept corresponding to Cavalieri's or Liu-Zu's principle which would developed to the basic idea of Calculus. So this study proposes an alternative to organization of math-textbooks or instructional procedures for teaching the volume of a sphere based on the principle.