A Study on the Development of a Traffic Accident Ratio Model in Foggy Areas

안개지역의 교통사고심각도 모형개발에 관한 연구

  • Lee, Soo-Il (Korea Institute of Construction & Transportation Technology Evaluation and Planning) ;
  • Won, Jai-Mu (Department of SOC&Transportation Graduate School of Urban Studies, Hanyang University) ;
  • Ha, Oh-Keun (Department of SOC&Transportation Graduate School of Urban Studies, Hanyang University)
  • Published : 2008.12.31


As the risk of traffic accidents caused by mists emerged as a social problem, recently safety facilities to be prepared for mists are being actively installed when designing roads. But in some part, the facilities are being installed imprudently without analyzing the extent of occurrences of mists that would increase the risk of traffic accidents and appropriate countermeasures against the occurrences of mists are not being suggested. For that reason, in this study, first questionnaire surveys were executed on road users in order to draw the factors affecting the traffic accidents caused by mists, a mist traffic accident predicting model was developed and an accident seriousness determining model that can determine accident seriousness was developed. In this way, by extracting major factors affecting mist traffic accidents to grasp risk factors in roads to be caused by mists, safety of roads can be enhanced and traffic accidents in road operations can be decreased. As the affecting factors influencing mist traffic accidents, were extracted sightable distances, durations of mists and whether daytime or nighttime as major factors and the plan to install the facilities for the prevention of mist traffic accidents was suggested to prevent the traffic accidents to be caused by those factors and also the plan to operate roads considering sightable distances was suggested to solve the problem of insufficient sightable distances to be caused by mists was suggested. It is judged that the road safety in the areas where mists occur can be improved through foregoing methods.