Experimental Study on Development Length of Prestressing Strand in Pretensioned Prestressed Concrete Members

프리텐션 프리스트레스트 콘크리트 부재의 정착길이 정가

  • Kim, Eui-Sung (Civil Development Team, Hyundai Development Company)
  • 김의성 (현대산업개발 토목개발팀)
  • Published : 2008.12.31


By bond mechanism between the prestressing strand and the concrete surrounding it, the effective force of prestressing must be transferred to the concrete entirely. The distance required to transfer the effective force of prestressing is called the transfer length, and the development length is the bond length required to anchor the strand as it resists external loads on the member. Transfer length was determined from the concrete strain profile at the level of the strands at transfer and development length was determined from various external loading lengths and compared with current code equation. Through the test results, bond failure is predicted based on the distress caused by cracks when they propagate within the transfer zone of prestressing strand. The current code equation was found to be conservative in comparison with the measured value.


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