Characterization of Mechanical Properties in the Heat Affected Zones of Alloy 82/182 Dissimilar Metal Weld Joint

Alloy 82/182 이종금속 용접부 열영향부의 계계적물성치 파악

  • Published : 2008.12.31


This paper presents the characteristics of mechanical properties within the heat affected zones(HAZs) of dissimilar metal weld joint between SA508 Gr.1a and F3l6 stainless steel(SS) with Alloy 82/182 filler metal. Tensile tests were performed using small-size specimens taken from the heat affected regions close to both fusion lines of weld, and the micro-structures were examined using optical microscope(OM) and transmission microscope(TEM). The results showed that significant gradients of the yield stress(YS), ultimate tensile stress(UTS), and elongations were observed within the HAZ of SA508 Gr.1a. This was attributed to the different microstructures within the HAZ developed during the welding process. In the HAZ of F316 SS, however, the welding effect dominated the YS and elongation rather than UTS. TEM micrographs demonstrated these characteristics of the HAZ of F316 SS was associated with a dislocation-induced strain hardening.


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