A Study on Safety Management System for Shipbuilding Industry

조선업 사업장의 안전관리 시스템 구축에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2008.12.31


A large number of accidents have been occurred in the domestic shipbuilding industry. Its number of accidents is approximately twice than that of manufacturing industry and three times larger than that of whole industry in general. There are several reasons that make it hard to control the accidents. First, it is because the shipbuilding industry is composed of many subcontractors who may need improvement in safety education and safety management. Second, the shipyard environments are exposed to lots of hazards such as high elevation works, isolated workspaces, heavyweight and huge structures/components. Last, the shipbuilding industry has grown too rapidly in a short period. For that reason, the safety management standards and safety consciousness could not catch up the speed of its development. In this study, it is suggested to use a more efficient and easier way to conduct safety management using a web-based safety management system for the shipbuilding industry. This system is composed of four main parts, which is available for self-auditing with legal support. Those are checklists based safety and health evaluation, safety inspection, user shared accident database and user shared bulletin board. It is expected that this system can help us to reduce risks in the shipbuilding industry considerably.


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