A Study on the Friction Welding for Light Piston-Rod(SM45C/SM45C-Pipe)

경량 피스톤 로드를 위한 마찰용접 적용연구(SM45C/SM45C-Pipe 사용)

  • Published : 2008.04.30


Various research to reduce weight of a car is achieving. This research is tendencious to manufacture solid piston rod of shock absorber as hollow piston rod using friction welding. This study deals with the friction welding of SM45C to SM45C-Pipe that is used in car shock absorber, The friction time was variable conditions under the conditions of spindle revolution of 2,000rpm, friction pressure of 55MPa, upset pressure of 75MPa, and upset time of 2.0seconds. Under these conditions, the microstructure of weld interface, tensile fracture surface and mechanical tests were studied of friction weld, and so the results were as follows. 1. In tensile strength, the hole processing is better than non-hole processing. 2. When the friction time was 1.5seconds under the conditions, the maximum tensile strength of the friction weld happened to be 869MPa, which is 103% of SM45C's tensile strength and 91% of SM45C's Pipe. 3. When the friction time was 2.0seconds under the conditions, the maximum bending strength of the friction weld happened to be 1599MPa, which is 80% of SM45C's bending strength and 118% of SM45C's Pipe.


Friction welding;SM45C;Shock absorber;Piston rod


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