A Study of Evaluation Indicators for Amenity and the Activation Plan in Gangneung

강릉시 어메니티 지표선정과 활성화 방안

  • Kim, Nam-Ho (Kangneung City government) ;
  • Jo, Tae-Dong (Department of Environmental Landscape Architecture, Kangneung National University) ;
  • Lee, Chung-Yoen (Department of Environmental Landscape Architecture, Kangneung National University) ;
  • Kang, Yun-Hye (Department of Environmental Landscape Architecture, Kangneung National University)
  • Published : 2008.04.30


This research aimed to grasp the recognition of the amenity of the university students residing in Gyo-dong residential area in Gangneung city, the local residents residing in Daehag-ro which is near Jungang-ro in downtown and the public servants related to city development in Gangneung city office and thereby propose a plan to improve the amenity of Gangneung city. Based on the result of the research, the university student group around Gyo-dong residential area mostly recognized the amenity and the local residents around Daehag-ro showed insufficient recognition of the amenity and some of related public servants were found to be ignorant of the term amenity. Also, the priorities of amenity indexes identified from these 3 groups commonly showed aliveness requiring green lands and watercourses on top but 2nd priority of each group tended to be different from each other. Through the research result as above, we would like to propose the plan to improve as follows. First, the recognition of the concept of amenity is necessary. Second, green lands and watercourses that were selected by all of the 3 groups as ranking no. 1 should be secured. Third, the value of amenity resources should be evaluated. Gangneung city is a city where mountains and the sea are harmonized together granting abundant god blessed natural resources. But if Gangneung city would imprudently reclaims the excellent god blessed natural environment under the good title of city and housing lands development, its ranking in city competitiveness evaluations will be expected to continue descending. Therefore, as proposed in this research, the thing that has to be implemented with first priority for amenity Gangneung city is the execution of amenity policy to secure the identity of Gangneung city and the aspect of regulations or systems should also be pursued together with the policy.


Evaluation Indicator;Amenity;Gangneung;Living Environment


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