Estimation of Source Contribution for PM10 by Chemical Mass Balance(CMB) in Busan

  • Jeon, Byung-Il (Department of Environmental Engineering, Silla University) ;
  • Lee, Young-Mi (Meteorological Assessment Team, Kweather Co.)
  • Published : 2008.04.30


PM10 samples were collected from July 2007 to Oct. 2007 at Gwaebopdong(inland area) and Dongsamdong(coastal area), in Busan. This paper investigates the contribution of emission sources to PM10 mass in Busan. Source apportionment results derived from the chemical mass balance(CMB) method. A source profiles applied in this study is organized to minimize the collinearity among sources type via statistical method. Source profiles applied in this study utilized a measured value of fine particle directly sampled from metropolitan area such as Seoul and Incheon, After a CMB modeling, sulfate and nitrate related sources among those contributing to PM10 in Busan showed high contribution by 36.53% in Gwaebopdong and 42.02% in Dongsamdong.


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