A Study on the Collecting Method of Reliability Database for Gas Facilities

가스설비의 신뢰도데이터 수집방법에 관한 연구

  • Rhie, Kwang-Won (Department of Safety and Health Engineering, Hoseo University) ;
  • Yoon, Ik-Keun (Korea Gas Corporation R&D Division) ;
  • Han, Sang-Tae (Department Informational Statistics, Hoseo University) ;
  • Oh, Sin-Kyu (Korea Gas Corporation R&D Division) ;
  • Kim, Tae-Hun (Department of Safety and Health Engineering, Hoseo University)
  • 이광원 (호서대학교 안전보건학과) ;
  • 윤익근 (한국가스공사 연구개발원) ;
  • 한상태 (호서대학교 정보통계학과) ;
  • 오신규 (한국가스공사 연구개발원) ;
  • 김태훈 (호서대학교 안전보건학과)
  • Published : 2008.04.30


The safety assessment for facility industry is now being periodically performed. For the purpose of scientific safety management, QRA(Quantitative Risk Assessment) is also being performed, and reliability data of the facilities is essential to perform the assessment. Generally, the existing safety assessment is performed by using the values announced in other industry processes, which result in the drop of reliability. In order to solve this problem, there is an urgent need to establish reliability database for the facilities. The most appropriate method is to perform a direct reliability analysis towards the facilities undergoing safety assessment. In this study, in compliance with the assessment method and procedure of OREDA-2002 handbook, the facility reliability data are collected, which include the calendar time and operational time in terms of different facility items, the number of failures in terms of different failure mode, the mean, standard deviation, lower limit and upper limit of failure rate, and the failure rate. And the data process method for this special occasion is also proposed when the number of failure is 0.


reliability;database;quantitative risk assessment;failure


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