Cross-sectional study on the prevalence of anemia among rural elderly in Asan

  • Kim, Hee-Seon ;
  • Lee, Byung-Kook
  • Published : 2008.03.31


The objective of this study was to assess the prevalence and clinical characteristics of anemia and to define the risk factors for anemia in older Koreans in Asan. From January to February 2002, five hundred sixty two community-dwelling older adults aged over 60 years were selected from a cross sectional study. All subjects underwent laboratory tests, which included a complete blood cell count, reticulocyte, liver and renal functional tests, lipid profiles and iron status tests. The median age was 68.6 years (range, 60-92 years). The mean levels of hemoglobin were $14.4{\pm}1.3\;g/dL$ in men and $12.9{\pm}1.0\;g/dL$ in women, and the overall prevalence of anemia was 12.5% in all subjects, 10.8% in men and 13.6% in women. The prevalence of anemia was the lowest among age group of 60-69 (10.0%) followed by 70-79 (15.5%), and the highest among age over 80 (20.7%), but the difference was significant only for men. The age difference was more distinct in men than in women (p<0.05). The mean hemoglobin level was significantly lower in the subjects aged over 80 y than those in the 60-69 y group (p<0.05). According to a logistic regression analysis, lower albumin and higher creatinine levels were identified as independent risk factors of anemia among older adults in Asan. In conclusion, the overall prevalence of anemia in our study group was 12.5% and the highest (20.7%) among those aged over 80 y.


Anemia;elderly;rural Korea;albumin;creatinine


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