Vibration Characteristics of Packaged Freight and Packaged Apples by Random Vibration Input

랜덤 진동에 의한 포장화물 및 포장된 사과의 진동특성

  • Published : 2008.02.25


Shock and vibration inputs are transmitted from the transporting vehicle through the packaging box to the fruit. The vibration causes sustained bouncing of fruits against each other and the container wall. The steady state vibration input may cause serous fruit injury, and the damage is particularly severe if the fruits are bounced at its resonance frequency. The determination of the resonance frequencies of the fruits and vegetables may help the packaging designer to design the proper packaging system providing adequate protection of the fruits from external impact or shock. In this study, to analyze the vibration properties of the apples for optimum packaging design during transportation, the random vibration tests were carried out. From the results of random vibration test, the resonance frequency and power spectral density (PSD) of the packaged freight of apples in the test were in the range of 82 to 97 Hz and 0.0013 to 0.0021 $G^2/Hz$ respectively and the resonance frequency and PSD of the packaged apples were in the range of 13 to 71 Hz and 0.0143 to 0.0923 $G^2/Hz$ respectively.


Resonance frequency;Power spectral density (PSD);Random vibration;Packaged freight;Apples


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