Analytical Models to Predict Power Harvesting with Piezoelectric Transducer

Muppala, Raghava Raju;Raju, K. Padma;Moon, Nam-Mee;Jung, Baek-Ho

  • Published : 2008.03.31


Advances in low power design open the possibility to harvest energy from the environment to power electronic circuits. Electrical energy can be harvested from piezoelectric transducer. Piezoelectric materials can be used as mechanisms to transfer mechanical energy usually vibrating system into electrical energy that can be stored and used to power other devices. Micro- to milli-watts power can be generated from vibrating system. We developed definitive and analytical models to predict the power generated from a cantilever beam attached with piezoelectric transducer. Analytical models are pin-force method, enhanced pin-force method and Euler-Bernoulli method. Harmonic oscillations and random noise will be the two different forcing functions used to drive each system. It has been selected the best model for generating electric power based upon the analytical results obtained.


Vibration-to-Electric Energy Conversion;Self-Powered Sensors;PZT;Cantilever Beam;Power Harvesting;Harmonic Driving Force


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