An Empirical Analysis on the Service Quality of the National Library of Korea and Its Effect

국립중앙도서관의 서비스품질과 그 효과에 대한 실증적 분석

  • 한상일 (연세대학교 정경대학 행정학) ;
  • 김영제 (연세대학교 정경대학 행정학) ;
  • 유평준 (연세대학교 정경대학 행정학) ;
  • 배득종 (연세대학교 정경대학 행정학)
  • Published : 2008.03.30


The authors examine the service quality of the National Library of Korea and its effects on the customer satisfaction and the annual number of visit. In particular this article tests the actual effects of the extension of opening hour that has been famous for increasing ratio of library operation and employing more librarians. A survey of 332 customers was conducted to measure individual perceptions on the customer service and satisfactions and estimate structural equation models across two time slots: the daytime, and night hour. The major findings of this study are that the service quality tends to increase customer satisfaction.


National Library of Korea;Service Quality;Customer Satisfaction


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