A International Comparative Study on the Bidding System & Policy for the Public IT Project

공공 IT 프로젝트 수발주 제도와 정책의 국제간 비고

  • Published : 2008.03.31


The Bidding System of the public IT project in Korea is fallen behind, because of the ordering habitual practice based old system, overcompetition based sealed bid and subcontract practice. To innovate this old-fashioned practice for public IT project bidding, this paper wants to generate a proper improvement direction of the public IT project contract law and the related policy through the literature review about the ordering and receiving system in Korea, the practical survey about bidding marketplace in Korea, and competition between bidding system and/or policy of major countries: USA, UK, France and Japan. As a result of practical survey, many problems of the current public IT project bidding system came out and improvement ideas toward future situation turned up. These outputs implicate that the current law and system related public IT project demands better improvement work for the future ubiquitous Korea. Therefore, this paper, to solve these problems about bidding systems and practice, propose the new public IT project contract law and the related policy, reflecting these improvement ideas by the practical survey and the literature review, and benchmarking points from bidding system of other countries.


Public IT Project;Innovative Scheme;Bidding System and Policy;Contract and Subcontract