Exploring the Applicability of the School Adjustment Test for Children

초등학생용 학교생활적응 검사의 활용가능성

  • Published : 2008.01.22


In this study, a preliminary study has been made to check the availability of examination after selecting one among the criteria to adaptation of school life, in recognition of the necessity for a tool in order to collect multi =dimensional information about children. An examination has been done with the survey target of 291 pupils in the fifth and sixth grade in an elementary school located in Incheon. And the focus group with the teachers in charge of each class was undertaken to check the availability of the examination. As the result of the examination, 37 was the average score of children diagnosed as the category of temporary maladaptation in terms of the score of 4 sub-scales of school adaptation and their total scores, and 28 was the score which corresponds to the assessment of teachers. The results of examinations and the evaluations of teachers were proved to be highly correlated. Lastly discussion is focused on the meaning of these findings and the suggestions for the further studies.