The Effect of Career Counseling Program Using Vocational Cards On the Career Maturity of Elementary School Children

직업카드를 활용한 진로상담프로그램이 초등학생의 진로성숙도에 미치는 효과

  • Published : 2008.10.15


The purposes of this study were to develop vocational cards for elementary school children as a useful means to be applicable to elementary career counseling, to carry out a career counseling program by using vocational cards, and ultimately to determine the effect of the program on the career maturity of elementary schoolers. After job selection criteria were prepared in light of the characteristics of different occupations, changing business world and school children, how many number of vocational cards would be suitable for elementary schoolers was decided, and leading occupations were selected according to Holland classification in consideration of promising job list for the future, analysis of schoolbook and dream job among school children. And then what should be described on vocational card was determined, and their size was selected. Students who participated in the career counseling program based on vocational cards were significantly different in career maturity from others who didn't. To improve the reliability of quantitative approach, the students were asked to describe how they felt, and they made a positive assessment of the program as they found it to be interesting and of use for their understanding of themselves and business world. In conclusion, the vocational card for elementary middle-year students developed in this study catered to the career development stage of elementary schoolers, and the career counseling program using the vocational cards had a positive effect on enhancing the career maturity of children.