Effect of the Water Soluble Extracts from Velvet Antler on Lipid Metabolism and Blood Components in Rats

수용성 녹용 추출물이 랫드의 지방대사 및 혈액성분에 미치는 영향

  • Cui, Xang Soon (Dept. of Animal Science, Chungbuk National Univ.) ;
  • Kim, Hye In (Dept. of Animal Science, Chungbuk National Univ.) ;
  • Cho, Seong Koo (Dept. of Animal Science, Chungbuk National Univ.)
  • Published : 2008.06.01


An experiment was conducted with 80 male rats for 4 weeks to investigate the effect of water soluble extracts(WSE) from different sections of farmed Elk(Cervus elaphus) antler on lipid metabolism and hematology. Antlers were divided into four sections of tip, upper, middle and base. Water soluble extract(35g/60ml) was prepared from each section of antler, and was administered orally to male Sprague- Dawley rats(10ml/kg body weight) once a day. Administration of WSE from upper, middle and base sections of antler decreased(P<0.0027) AST values at 3 weeks of feeding, however AST value was decreased(P< 0.0136) in the WSE of base section compared to that of control at 4 weeks of feeding. Administration of antler WSE for 4 weeks decreased total cholesterol in visceral fat(P<0.0035) and liver(P<0.0003) at 4 weeks of feeding compared to those of control. Feeding antler WSE for 4 weeks increased the compositions of C14:0(P<0.0037), C16:1(P<0.0061), C18:1(P<0.0066), C18:2(P< 0.0069) and C18:3(P<0.0035) in the visceral fat compared with that of control.


Velvet antler; Water soluble extract; Lipid metabolism; Blood components


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