Effects of Total Mixed Rations on Growth Performance and Carcass Charcteristics of Hanwoo Steers

섬유질배합사료 급여가 거세한우의 발육 및 도체특성에 미치는 영향 미치는 영향

  • 조영무 (농촌진흥청 축산과학원) ;
  • 권응기 (농촌진흥청 축산과학원) ;
  • 장선식 (농촌진흥청 축산과학원) ;
  • 김태일 (농촌진흥청 축산과학원) ;
  • 박병기 (농촌진흥청 축산과학원) ;
  • 강수원 (농촌진흥청 축산과학원) ;
  • 백봉현 (농촌진흥청 축산과학원)
  • Published : 2008.06.01


To investigate the effects of total mixed ration(TMR) on growth performance and carcass characteristics of Hanwoo steers, sixty steers were randomly assigned to one of four treatment groups; separate feeding of concentrate and rice straw(control), wet TMR(TMRⅠ), dry TMR with 20%(TMRⅡ) and 40%(TMRⅢ) barley bran from 6 to 28 month of age. In growth performance, average daily gains of TMRⅡ group was the highest(0.70kg/day) but significant differences between treatments were not found(p>0.05). Average feed required for kg body weight gain of control group was 11.63kg. Those of TMRⅠ through TMRⅢ were 9.29, 10.46 and 10.71kg, respectively. Dressing percentage and retailed cut percentage were 59% and 63%, without any significant differences between treatments(p>0.05). There were no significant differences in rib-eye area, back fat thickness, meat color and fat color (p>0.05). Average marbling score was higher(p<0.05) in TMRⅠ than in control group.


Total mixed ration; Hanwoo steer; Carcass characteristics; Economic efficacy


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