Suggestion from Trade 2.0 Paradigm of Global Business Education for Strategic Trade in Korea

무역2.0 교육 도입과 전략무역의 제안

  • 박문서 (호원대학교 무역경영학부)
  • Published : 2008.06.27


It is said that global business education in Korea must be a kind of good investment on the future of Korea, because Korea's degree of dependence upon global trade is very high. But, despite great significance of trade in economic aspect, education system on global business in Korea still remains in old paradigm focused mainly on trade in goods. The purpose of this paper is to analyse key environment of trade in Korea relating to global business education system, and to suggest some trade-friendly measures to improve the global economic environment being worse. Methodology used in this study depends on descriptive analysis by literature study. As all the paradigm of global business has shifted from 20C's trade environment to that of 21C's and still more borderless trend has progressed, it is high time Korea to design the new education system of global business to conform with the trade mode of Korea, and to execute the mode of strategic trade which is new conception of trade strategy derived from Web 2.0 trend. Major findings of this study can be summarized as follows : It is suggested that Korea should convert basic composition of trade strategy to strategic trade irrespective of company size, nationality, public or private sector, etc., and launch new instructional model considering the trade 2.0 concepts. Also, Korea's trade policies which have been based on 'trade in goods' should be changed to the frame of strategic trade so that can include various trade process such as trade in services, trade in technology, cultural contents, global investment(TRIMs), TRIPS, etc.