A Trend Study on the Digital Collection Development Policy through Case Comparison

국내외 사례비교를 통한 디지털장서 개발정책 동향 연구

  • Published : 2008.12.30


Due to the rapid changes of information environment, the libraries are needed to consider not only analog resources but also digital resources for collection development policy to fit the digital age. However, the libraries have difficulties to build digital collection development policy for collecting and archiving the digital resources because different from the analog resources, characteristics of digital information resources are not contained in physical medium and not allowed ownership but remote access by licensing. Especially, national libraries that have the mission to collect, preserve and transmit knowledge and cultural heritage to the next generation face even more serious challenges. This study intends to figure out the core elements of digital collection development policy through comparison of domestic and overseas national library policies tried to overcome the difficulties.


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