Development of Web Credibility Evaluation Model Using AHP

AHP를 이용한 웹 사이트 신뢰성 평가 모델 개발

  • 김영기 (경성대학교 문헌정보학과)
  • Published : 2008.12.30


This study tired to develop the web credibility evaluation model by calculating weighted values and sensitivities of indicators which presented on preceding researches using Analytic Hierarchy Process. "Expert Choice 2000" was used as the tool for analysing AHP. 25 experts are answered for this questionnaire who are selected by judgement sampling method, one of the non-probability sampling method. Also, sensitivity analyses was performed to graphically see how the alternatives change with respect to the importance of the indicators or sub-indicators. The main results are summarized as followings; i) importance analysis in first level factors: trust-worthiness(0,606), expertness(0.222), safety(0.173), ii) importance analysis in second level factors: trustfulness (0.519), reputation(0.087), usefulness (0.102), timeliness(0,093), competency(0.027), security(0.115), reliability(0,058). iii) some of the importance analysis in third level factors: the site provides comprehensive information that is attributed to a specific source(0.252), the site has articles that list citations and references(0.153), the site contains user opinions and reviews(0.072), etc. iv) sensitivity analyses showed that the importance of the indicators or sub-indicators are slightly changed with respect to the alternatives change.


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