A Case Study on the Quality Management of Construction Site through PDCA Cycle

PDCA Cycle적용을 통한 건설현장 품질관리에 관한 사례연구

  • Published : 2008.02.20


According to the recent trends which are the diversity of customer requests and the multi-function of buildings, A construction company's business has converted from the producer-oriented approach to the consumer-oriented approach. Therefore, each construction company is continuously trying to improve the quality level as a way of corresponding to customer needs in these changing situations. The quality is one of the main management targets which judge the success of a project along with the schedule, the cost and the safety. As construction companies execute the quality management which they aimed at, it should be completed within the optimum schedule and the limit of the budget. Accordingly, the importance of the construction site management to complete a project is continuously increasing. The construction site management is the systematic method to perform the project goals such as the quality improvement, the cost saving and the safety management, which organically operate one another, by procuring the manpower, the material and the machine in the right time. Specially, as the construction industry has based on the construction site, the establish of systematic construction site management, which can effectively correspond sudden changes of the construction business environment, is essential to maximize the construction productivity. On top of that, the necessity of the quality management method is increasing to accommodate customer needs more spontaneously in the construction site. These endeavors could guarantee their competitive power.


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