Dam Failure and Unsteady Flow Analysis through Yeoncheon Dam Case(I) -Analysis of Dam Failure Time and Duration by Failure Scenarios and Unsteady Flow -

연천댐 사례를 통한 댐 파괴 부정류해석 및 하류 영향 검토(I) -댐 파괴 시나리오와 부정류 해석을 통한 지속시간 및 파괴시간 해석-

  • 장석환 (대진대학교 건설시스템공학과)
  • Published : 2008.11.30


This study aims at the estimation of dam failure time and dam failure scenario analysis of and applied to Yeoncheon Dam which was collapsed August 1st 1999, using HEC-HMS, DAMBRK-FLDWAV simulation model. As the result of the rainfall-runoff simulation, the lancet flood amount of the Yeoncheon Dam site was $10,324\;m^3/sec$ and the total outflow was $1,263.90\;million\;m^3$. For the dam failure time estimation, 13 scenarios were assumed including dam failure duration time and starting time, which reviewed to the runoff results. The simulation time was established with 30 minutes intervals between one o'clock to 4 o'clock in the morning on August 1, 1999 for the setup standard for each case of the dam failure time estimation, considering the arrival time of the flood, when the actually measured water level was sharply raising at Jeongok station area of the Yeoncheon Dam downstream, As results, dam failure arrival time could be estimated at 02:45 a.m., August 1st 1999 and duration time could be also 30 minutes. Those results and procedure could suggest how and when dam failure occurs and analyzes.


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