Preparation and Application of Functional Carbon Whisker Membrane for Separation Process

  • Published : 2008.11.30


Membrane separation is extensively used for water/wastewater treatment because of its efficiency separation processes. However, particles in the feed water can deposit and accumulate on the membrane surface to created cake layer. As a consequence, the selectivity of the membrane and flux through the membrane are decreased, which is called fouling/blocking phenomenon. In order to solve fouling problem, we developed a novel membrane named Carbon Whisker Membrane (CWM) which contains vapor-grown carbon fibers/whiskers on the surface of the membrane and a layer of carbon film coated on the ceramic substrate. We firstly employed polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) as a testing material to investigate the fouling mechanism. The results suggested that Carbon Whiskers on the surface of the membrane can prevent the directly contact between the membrane body and particles so that the fouling/blocking could not occurred easily compared to the membrane without carbon whiskers. We also researched the relationship with the diameter, density of carbon whisker on the membrane surface and total flux of solutions. Finally, we will be able to control the diameter and density of carbon whiskers on the membrane and existence of carbon whiskers on the membrane, it is important factor, might be prevent fouling/blocking in the water treatment.


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