Comparison of Cyanide Degrading Enzymes Expressed from Genes of Fungal Origin

  • Cho, Dae-Chul (Department of Energy & Environmental Engineering Soonchunhyang University) ;
  • Kwon, Sung-Hyun (Department of Marine Environmental Engineering/Institute of Marine Industry, Gyeongsang National University)
  • Published : 2008.11.30


A variety of fungal species are known to degrade cyanide through the action of cyanide hydratase, a specialized nitrilases which hydrolyze cyanide to formamide. This work is a report on two unknown and un-characterized members from Neurospora crassa and Aspergillus nidulans. Recombinant forms of three cyanide hydratases (CHT) originated from N. crassa, Gibberella zeae, and A. nidulans were prepared after their genes were cloned with N-terminal hexahistidine purification tags, expressed in E. coli and purified using immobilized metal affinity chromatography. These enzymes were compared according to their pH activity profiles, and kinetic parameters. Although all three were similar, the N. crassa CHT has the widest pH range of activity above 50% and highest turnover rate ($6.6{\times}10^8min^{-1}$) among them. The CHT of A. nidulans has the highest Km value of the three nitrilases evaluated in here. Expression of CHT in both N. crassa and A. nidulans were induced by the presence of KCN, regardless of any presence of nitrogen sources. These data can be used to determine optimal procedures for the enzyme uses in the remediation of cyanide-containing wastes.


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