Noise Attenuation of Marine Seismic Data with a 2-D Wavelet Transform

2-D 웨이브릿 변환을 이용한 해양 탄성파탐사 자료의 잡음 감쇠

  • Published : 2008.11.30


Seismic data is often contaminated with high-energy, spatially aliased noise, which has proven impractical to attenuate using Fourier techniques. Wavelet filtering, however, has proven capable of attacking several types of localized noise simultaneously regardless of their frequencies. In this study a 2-D stationary wavelet transform is used to decompose seismic data into its wavelet components. A threshold is applied to these coefficients to attenuate high amplitude noise, followed by an inverse transform to reconstruct the seismic trace. The stationary wavelet transform minimizes the phase-shift errors induced by thresholding that occur when the conventional discrete wavelet transform is used.


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