Localization for Mobile Robot Navigation using Color Patches Installed on the Ceiling

천정 부착 칼라 패치 배열을 이용한 이동로봇의 자기위치 인식

  • Published : 2008.02.01


A localization system to estimate the position as well as movement direction of mobile robots is proposed in this paper. This system implements a camera fixed on a robot and color patches evenly distributed and mounted on the planar ceiling. Different permutations of patch colors code information about robot localization. Thus, extraction of color information from patch images leads to estimation of robot position. Additionally, simple geometric indicators are combined with patch colors to estimate robot's movement direction. Since only the distribution of patch colors has to be known, the analysis of patch images to is relatively fast and simple. The proposed robot localization system has been successfully tested for navigation of sample mobile robot. Obtained test results indicate the robustness and reliability of proposed technique for robot navigation.


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