Mold Level Stabilization of Continuous Steel Casting Systems Using a Variable Disturbance Observer

가변외란관측기를 이용한 연주시스템의 몰드 레벨 안정화

  • 손명공 (창원대학교 제어계측공학과) ;
  • 손천돈 (창원대학교 제어계측공학과) ;
  • 김구화 (POSCO 기술연구소) ;
  • 이덕만 (POSCO 기술연구소) ;
  • 권성하 (창원대학교 제어계측공학과) ;
  • 정은태 (창원대학교 제어계측공학과)
  • Published : 2008.02.01


This paper presents a control method to maintain stable mold level for unsteady bulging in high speed casting. The stabilizing mold level is an important factor to get high quality products. But, for various reasons, there are several disturbance factors which make mold level unstable. Bulging is one of disturbance factors and considered for the current stage of study. We design a disturbance observer to attenuate the effect of bulging which is periodic mold level disturbance. Since the period of bulging varies with the casting speed, the parameters of disturbance observer are changed by the casting speed. Simulation is illustrated to demonstrate stable performance of the proposed method in comparison with a previous method in a variable operating frequency.


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