Long Term Analysis of PM10 Concentration in Seoul Using KZ Filter

KZ 필터법을 이용한 서울지역 미세먼지 농도의 장기변화 분석

  • Published : 2008.02.29


Local meteorological conditions exert a strong influence over day-to-day variations in air pollutant concentrations. Therefore, the meteorological fluctuations have to be removed in order for air quality planners and managers to examine underlying emissions-related trends and make better air quality management decisions for future. In this study, the meteorologically adjusted $PM_{10}$ trends in Seoul are investigated over the period $1999{\sim}2006$ using Kolmogorov-Zurbenco (KZ) filter. The result indicated that meteorologicaJ variability accounts for about 25% of $PM_{10}$ variability. Both the meteorologically adjusted and unadjusted Jong-term daily $PM_{10}$ concentrations had a significant downward trends and the difference between the meteorologically adjusted and unadjusted was small. So it was assumed that in long-term daily $PM_{10}$ changes, localized changes in emissions is more important than the changes caused by meteorological conditions.


KZ filter;$PM_{10}$;Meteorological effect;Emission


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