Study on the Dividing Capacity of Appropriate Sub-basin for Runoff Analysis

하천유역의 유출해석을 위한 적정소유역 분할수에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2008.02.28


The purpose of this study is to examine appropriate sub-basin division numbers that best reflect the hydrological characteristics of the basin so as to propose the criterion for dividing the sub-basin in analyzing flood runoff in the future. The characteristics of flood runoff variations were based on the WMS HEC-1 model, and the area in the upstream of the Dongbyeon water level observatory and the Geum-ho water level observatory was chosen for analysis, and examined the characteristics of the changes in flood runoff. First of all, in the targeted basin, if the sub-basin division number was 4 (that is, the area of the divided sub-basin was about 25% of the total area). Next, as the sub-basin division number gradually increased, the peak rate of runoff increased as well, and in case the sub-basin was not divided, the peak rate of runoff occurred at the earliest time. Given these results, the spatial change characteristics will be best reflected when the sub-basin is divided for analysis of flood runoff in such a way that the area of the divided sub-basin is about 25% of the total area of the basin. However, as these results are based on a limited number (4) of storms, more storm events and other basins need to be included in the review of the sub-basin division methodology.


Sub-basin Division;WMS HEC-1;Peak Rate of Runoff;Storm Event


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