A Study on pH and Soluble Reactive Phosphorus (SRP) from Litter Using Various Poultry Litter Amendments During Short-Term: A Laboratory Experiment

다양한 깔짚 첨가제 이용이 단 기간 깔짚내 pH와 수용성 인에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2008.02.28


The objective of this study was conducted to evaluate the effects of poultry litter amendments on pH and soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP) in poultry litter. Two laboratory studies were conducted for 42 d in Exp. 1 and for 10 d in Exp. 2, respectively. The poultry litter was treated with various amendments which included 4 g fly ash and 4 g $AlCl_3\;(AlCl_36H_2O)/100g$ litter in Exp. 1 and 4 g alum$(Al_2(SO_4){_3}\;14H_2O)$, 8 g alum, 8.66 g liquid alum, and 17.3 g liquid alum/100 g litter in Exp. 2; untreated litter served as controls. There were no differences in pH between control and T1(4 g fly ash) and SRP contents between T1(4 g fly ash) and T2(4 g $AlCl_3$) in Exp. 1. A significant difference in pH and SRP contents in Exp. 2 was observed among all treatments(P< 0.05). In experiment 1, T1(4 g fly ash) and T2(4 g $AlCl_3$) at 42 d decreased SRP in litter by 47.1% and 62.6% of that from litter alone, respectively. In experiment 2, T1(4 g alum), T2(8.66 g liquid alum), T3(8 g alum), and T4(17.3 g liquid alum) treatments at 10 days reduced SRP contents by up to 36.2%, 62.9%, 87.0%, and 83.9%, respectively, when compared with the controls. Decrease in SRP contents was chiefly associated with reduction in litter pH. These results indicate that use of various litter amendments to limit P solubility has potential and should be pursued as a means of reducing soluble reative phosphorus during short term.


pH;Soluble reactive phosphorus;Fly ash;$AlCl_3$;Alum;Liquid alum


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