A Feasibility Analysis on Steel Net Gabion Reinforcement of Reinforced Earth-retaining Wall

자연친화적인 보강토 옹벽의 철판망 gabion 보강재 타당성 분석

  • 정대석 (중부대학교 토목공학과)
  • Published : 2008.02.28


Steel net gabion is eco-friendly retaining wall structure showing favorable ability to overcome construction and environmental restriction and also to resist corrosion, chemical attack and degradation. This paper is dealt with the applicability of gabion metal net as a substitution of existing strengthening material. Pull out test was carried out to verify the applicability of gabion metal net. According to results, the increase of surcharge loading and horizontal load resulted in a yield of metal net. The stress at the time of yield was in the range of elasticity. Accordingly, gabion metal net can be substituted for existing geogrid and there is a need for experiment and analysis of arrangement direction and durability of gabion steel net.


Reinforced earth-retaining wall;Steel net gabion;Reinforcement


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