Expression Analysis of miRNAs in Porcine Fetal Skeletal Muscle on Days 65 and 90 of Gestation

  • Chen, Jian-hai ;
  • Wei, Wen-Juan ;
  • Xiao, Xiao ;
  • Zhu, Meng-Jin ;
  • Fan, Bin ;
  • Zhao, Shu-Hong
  • Received : 2007.09.16
  • Accepted : 2008.01.21
  • Published : 2008.07.01


MiRNAs (microRNAs) are a class of small non-coding RNA molecules of ~21 nucleotides that down- regulate the expression of target genes at post-transcriptional level. In this study, we first accomplished a preliminary scan of miRNA expression using 65 and 90 day fetal pig skeletal muscle samples by microarray hybridization, and 34 miRNAs showed strong positive signals. Five of these miRNAs were selected for further investigation by real-time RT-PCR. The statistical analyses indicated that three miRNAs exhibited significant differential expression (p<0.05) during porcine muscle development from 65 to 90 days of gestation, e.g., miR-24 and miR-424 were down-regulated while miR-133a was up-regulated. Multi-tissue RT-PCR was performed to detect the expression patterns of the five miRNA precursors. The results showed that most of these precursor miRNAs were ubiquitously expressed in different porcine tissues.


Pig;MicroRNA;Expression;Skeletal Muscle


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