Evaluation of Urinary Nitrogen Excretion from Plasma Urea Nitrogen in Dry and Lactating Cows

  • Kume, S. ;
  • Numata, K. ;
  • Takeya, Y ;
  • Miyagawa, Y ;
  • Ikeda, S. ;
  • Kitagawa, M. ;
  • Nonaka, K. ;
  • Oshita, T. ;
  • Kozakai, T.
  • Received : 2007.12.14
  • Accepted : 2008.04.04
  • Published : 2008.08.01


Data of 42 balance measurements from dry and lactating Holstein cows and blood and urine samples from 24 Japanese Black cows were collected to evaluate the potential for predicting urinary nitrogen (N) excretion from plasma urea nitrogen (PUN). Similar positive correlations were obtained between N intake and apparent N absorption in dry and lactating cows. The regression equations of N intake on urinary N excretion varied in dry and lactating cows, and the difference of urinary N excretion between dry and lactating cows was due to the N secretion into milk. Highly positive correlations were observed between urinary N contents and urinary urea N in Japanese Black cows, and urinary urea N increased with increasing PUN. There were positive correlations between N intake and PUN in dry and lactating cows, but PUN and urinary N excretion in lactating cows were higher than in dry cows. There were positive correlations between PUN and urinary N excretion per BW in dry and lactating cows. Although urinary N excretion could be calculated as (N clearance rate of kidneys)PUNBW, high N clearance rate of kidneys, such as 2.08 L/d/kg BW, may be suitable to calculate urinary N excretion in lactating cows, compared with 1.33 L/d/kg BW in dry cows.


Dry Cow;Lactating Cow;Nitrogen Clearance;Plasma Urea Nitrogen


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