Effects of Dietary Inclusion of Palm Kernel Cake and Palm Oil, and Enzyme Supplementation on Performance of Laying Hens

  • Chong, C.H. (Faculty of Land and Food System, The University of British Columbia) ;
  • Zulkifli, I. (Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Universiti Putra Malaysia) ;
  • Blair, R. (Faculty of Land and Food System, The University of British Columbia)
  • Received : 2007.10.05
  • Accepted : 2008.03.04
  • Published : 2008.07.01


A total of 392 twenty eight week-old laying hens was used to study the effects of dietary inclusion of solvent-extracted palm kernel cake (PKC) (0%, 12.5% and 25%) and enzyme (mixture of mannanase, ${\alpha}$-galactosidase and protease) supplementation (0 kg/t, 1 kg/t and 2 kg/t) on the performance of laying hens. The levels of PKC did not significantly influence nitrogen corrected true metabolizable energy (TMEn) of the diets. Enzyme-supplemented PKC had significantly higher AME and TMEn values than PKC diets with no enzyme supplementation. Dietary inclusion of 12.5% and 25% PKC in the diets of laying hens did not adversely affect mean egg production or daily egg mass. However, layers consumed significantly more PKC-based diets and had significantly poorer feed conversion ratios (FCR) than controls. However, the feed intake and FCR of hens provided the 12.5% PKC-based diets with enzyme supplementation at 1 kg/t did not differ from the controls. Dietary inclusion of PKC or enzyme did not affect eggshell quality, but egg yolk colour was significantly paler when layers were fed the 25% PKC diet.


Supported by : Universiti Putra Malaysia


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