Prion Protein Genotypes in Pakistani Goats

  • Babar, M.E. (University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences) ;
  • Nawaz, M. (University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences) ;
  • Nasim, A. (COMSTECH) ;
  • Abdullah, M. (University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences) ;
  • Imran, M. (University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences) ;
  • Jabeen, R. (University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences) ;
  • Chatha, S.A. (University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences) ;
  • Haq, A.U. (University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences) ;
  • Nawaz, A. (University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences) ;
  • Mustafa, H. (University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences) ;
  • Nadeem, A. (University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences)
  • Received : 2007.08.27
  • Accepted : 2008.02.27
  • Published : 2008.07.01


The PCR-amplified prion protein (PrP) gene was sequenced to determine the frequency of scrapie-associated as well as novel PrP genotypes in 72 healthy goats representing five breeds. A total of six genotypes were detected, resulting from the three reported 143 (H/R), 154 (R/H) and 240 (S/P) and the two novel 39 (S/R) and 185 (I/F) amino acid polymorphisms. Of the four silent mutations 42 (a$\rightarrow$g), 138 (c$\rightarrow$t), 231 (c$\rightarrow$a) and 237 (g$\rightarrow$c) detected in this study, 237 (g$\rightarrow$c) is novel. A genotype (SIP/RFP) harboring three amino acid polymorphisms 39 (S/R), 185 (I/F) and 240 (S/P) was found in few goats. Although both scrapie-associated genotypes with 143 (H/R) and 154 (R/H) polymorphisms and others with 39 (S/R), 185 (I/F) and 240 (S/P) polymorphisms were present in the studied Pakistani goats, their frequency was lower than that of the wild-type genotype SHRIS/SHRIS (34.7%). These results emphasize the need for further sequencing of the PrP gene in a large number of goats representing the five studied breeds, so that overall PrP variability can be assessed in these breeds in research addressing future concerns about scrapie.


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