An experimental study on the improving reliability of grouting by using p-q-t chart analyzing technique

P-q-t chart 분석기법을 이용한 그라무팅 신뢰성 향상 방안에 관한 실험적 연구

  • Published : 2008.12.26


The grouting is one of the improved techniques which is aim to decrease the permeability and to strengthen the soft ground. But The grouting method has many problems about a suitability of grouting procedure and an effectiveness of grouting after grouting work because of a technical characteristic operated inside the soil. The grouting $p{\sim}q{\sim}t$ chart of a typical index about grouting rate and time alteration of grouting pressure is one method to estimate the suitability of grouting factor with monitoring during grouting procedure. This study is automatic grouting system (AGS) which can control the testing and grouting procedures. It can make the detailed $p{\sim}q{\sim}t$ chart and analyze the grouting characters of the ground by comparing the detailed pattern of $p{\sim}q{\sim}t$ chart with standard pattern. If using the $p{\sim}q{\sim}t$ chart derived from AGS in the grouting work, it is an objective standard estimating the suitability of grouting factor with grouting materials, grouting method, grouting rate and grouting pressure, as results it expects successfully to improve reliability of the grouting work.