Stability analysis of closely-spaced tunnel using RFEM

확률유한요소 해석에 의한 근접터널 안정성 분석

  • 김상균 (청석엔지니어링 터널사업부)
  • Published : 2008.12.26


In this paper, the modeling procedure of random field with an elasto-plastic finite element algorithm and probability of failure on closely-spaced tunnel were investigated. Local average subdivision (LAS) method which can generate discrete random variables fast and accurately as well as change the resolution in certain region was used. And correlated value allocating and weighted average method were suggested to implement geometrical characteristics of tunnel. After the probability of failure on the test problem was thoroughly investigated using random finite element method, the results were compared with the deterministic strength reduction factor method and single random variable method. Of particular importance in this work, is the conclusion that the probability of failure determined by simplified probabilistic analysis, in which spatial variability is ignored by assuming perfect correlation, can be estimated from the safety factor determined by strength reduction factor method. Also, single random variable method can lead to unconservative estimates of the probability of failure.